Why DigiByte?

Decentralized Ledger Technology

The DigiByte Alliance believes that the DigiByte blockchain offers foundational decentralized distributed ledger technology that can serve as the basis upon which to build solutions to provide basic infrastructure security with regard to how information and value are expressed, created and exchanged.

As the current intermediary laden paradigms of today’s internet are restructured, the world will be looking for decentralized blockchain solutions upon which to reimagine how value and information can be exchanged and protected on the new “internet of value” freeway.

The architecture of the DigiByte blockchain holds great promise as a public communications network that offers security via its fast and scalable methods to data verification, representation, authentication and expression of value, and as a medium of exchange.

Why Wyoming?

Wyoming legislature has worked to create an environment to foster blockchain innovation. Like many other entities, we recognized this as a state that will help pave the pathways for growth and an opportunity to add to the infrastructure needed for legal compliance.

We look forward to participating in the various associations within Wyoming to help support their efforts through research, education and collaboration.