About Us

The DigiByte Alliance

The DigiByte Alliance is a public non-profit foundation under Section 501(c)(3) with public charity status under 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Wyoming since March 5, 2021, it is also in the process of registering as a non-profit with all 50 US states to enable legal charitable tax-deductible donations. These donations will help empower the community and fund the advancement of the DigiByte blockchain ecosystem.

The DigiByte Alliance will help build the decentralized DigiByte blockchain infrastructure for the public good, primarily serving the users of the DigiByte protocol and blockchain.  

The DigiByte Alliance wishes to aid the development and maintenance of this decentralized public infrastructure because security, efficiency, data integrity, and transparency are fundamental to freedom and democracy in society.  

By assisting in the continued support, advancement and improvement of the DigiByte network protocols, DigiByte Alliance will support its continued adoption and growth trajectory.

Our Mission

The mission of The DigiByte Alliance is to accelerate the growth and adoption of DigiByte. The DigiByte Alliance will solidify DigiByte as a trusted and decentralized blockchain network to reliably and efficiently protect, secure, express, create and transfer value.  The DigiByte Alliance will promote economic empowerment and value discovery on the DigiByte blockchain in the new digital economy

Our Philosophy

The DigiByte Alliance’s role is to provide a source of leadership for the community to encourage the growth of DigiByte Blockchain ecosystem.  The DigiByte Alliance recognizes that it is only one of many components of its essential decentralized ecosystem, composed of groups across the globe seeking to further the adoption of DigiByte.

The DigiByte Alliance does not own, operate or manage DigiByte. It is one of the many organizations that cares deeply about DigiByte, its potential, and the values it represents. The DigiByte Alliance will help carry out research, development, and community engagement. In addition to helping fund development of many significant components of the DigiByte ecosystem, The DigiByte Alliance supports a vibrant decentralized ecosystem with many independent organizations that provide funding, coordination, and leadership to support DigiByte’s long-term success.

Our Values

Transparency- As stewards of an open source public blockchain, we are committed to accountability. Our significant decisions and their rationale shall all be publicly visible. We will strive to accurately and accessibly communicate the decisions of the DigiByte Alliance and how they impact the DigiByte blockchain.

Humility– Kindness, integrity, mindfulness, and respect are necessary for a healthy collaborative environment. We encourage respectful debate, we are open to feedback, and we strive to maintain professionalism.

Learning- The blockchain economy is in its nascent stage and new developments and regulations are evolving every day.  DigiByte Alliance will diligently work towards keeping abreast of new information and participating in these conversations.

Collaboration- DigiByte Alliance will have an open-door policy and will strive to interact with other projects and communities with an inclusive, cooperative spirit to support a healthier, more productive ecosystem.


Strategic Priorities

Research and Development

The DigiByte Alliance will facilitate development of the DigiByte public blockchain network to facilitate its widespread public use and adoption through the creation of developer tools and network infrastructure improvements.

The DigiByte Alliance has facilitated discussions and continues to participate in the development improvement process in conjunction with the core developers and trusted community members. The guidelines, set forth in the DigiByte Core repository on GitHub, https://github.com/DigiByteCore/digibyte/blob/develop/CONTRIBUTING.md#contributing-to-digibyte-core, outline and promote industry standard open source contribution through which implementation of code improvements to DigiByte will be performed in a democratic, structured and transparent manner in an effort to mitigate risk and preserve the integrity of its protocol.

Through this we will create, manage and enforce guidelines and processes for the DigiByte Alliance to fund its development projects and initiatives. These guidelines will serve as the DigiByte Alliance’s framework for funding various bounties and projects on DigiByte, including but not limited to, developer tools, resources and products to help developing consumers build next generation innovations and enhancements to the DigiByte blockchain. Research and apply for grant opportunities to fund the efforts of the DigiByte Alliance, which may include offering grants to facilitate this research and development of the mission of DigiByte Alliance.


The DigiByte Alliance will help maintain the DigiByte blockchain as a benefit to the general public. These maintenance efforts may include, but are not limited to, covering operational fees, server support, audits, mining/node participation, as well as growing and protecting the decentralization of the network. 


The DigiByte Alliance will facilitate education regarding the use of DigiByte as a currency and a blockchain technology in the emerging digital economy.

This education will be through: virtual and in person activities; attending and organizing meetups and hackathons to attract new developer activities; producing materials, such as videos and infographics; and interfacing with relevant governments, businesses, educational institutions, individuals, and associations.   

Why Wyoming?

Wyoming is the leader in the United States for passing legislation for blockchain businesses. In 2017 the legislature passed several bills defining blockchain companies as a utility, enabling a framework for companies focused on blockchain to safely operate. Due to its cutting-edge legal framework regulating digital assets, many blockchain companies are choosing to do business in Wyoming.  The DigiByte Alliance embraces this leadership and is fortunate to have David Pope, a former member of the Wyoming Legislative Task Force, as Treasurer and a member of its Board of Directors.