The Team

Board Members

Michelle Dougherty


Michelle is a lawyer and three year volunteer and advisor to the DigiByte community, including serving as a core member of its DigiByte Awareness Team. Her previous experience includes working as a lawyer at the Office of Inspector General at the U.S. Department of State, the United States Attorney's Office in the District of Columbia, and in private practice.

Laura Taylor


Laura holds a masters degree in mathematics and worked as a college level math instructor in North Carolina for 15 years. She has volunteered as a core advisor to the DigiByte blockchain as part of its DigiByte Awareness Team since the early days of its inception in 2017. Laura’s role with DigiByte has focused on community outreach, building and volunteer coordination.

John Song

Vice President

John is an experienced trader, technologist, and investor with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry for over 30 years, particularly in the institutional equities and derivatives space. John has a strong background in brokerage, business planning, securities trading, IT strategy, project management, securities regulation, and investments.

David Pope


David is a member of the Wyoming Stable Token Commission and one of Governor Mark Gordon’s liaisons to the Wyoming Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Digital Innovation Technology. He is a Certified Public Accountant and owner of DACPA, an accounting firm operating in Wyoming and Colorado.

Fredrick Gabelmann

Vice President

Fredrick is a passionate Software Engineer and Architect with 20 years of expertise in government, health care, emergency services, geospatial, entertainment, and blockchain industries. Fredrick has brought engineering leadership and high level process improvement to the DigiByte open-source community.


Crystal McDonough

General Counsel

Crystal is an attorney and founder of McDonough Law, a Colorado and Wyoming corporate law firm with an energy, utilities, and natural resources. She provides legal representation to companies of all sizes, and they rely on her to guide them through business cycle phases including formation, growth, and sales. Crystal’s comprehensive understanding of the commercial environment, in a variety of industries including technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies have made her a trusted legal advisor.

Noah Seidman


Noah has contributed to the DigiByte blockchain and community for several years as an Android developer and community educator on technical analysis and crypto investing. Noah has held developer positions at Facebook, Microsoft, Universal Studios and Royal Caribbean.

Lisa Steinke


Lisa holds a masters degree in Digital Currencies from University of Nicosia. She has been a volunteer writer for the DigiByte Awareness Team assisting in press releases, blog posts, and product reviews. Lisa was involved with the grant writing and submission process for Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Jay Laurence


Jay spent 30 years in various IT, NGO, consulting, and corporate governance roles before discovering and embracing blockchain technology in 2009. He is a ReddCoin (RDD)/Project Redd Core Member and Reddcoin Lead Developer since 2017 involved in evolving a self-funding protocol (PoSVv2) & the creation of “Project Redd”.

Patrick Harris


Patrick is an accomplished leader and innovator with over 15 years experience in strategic planning, solution development and customer delivery of cloud and data technologies in start ups and Fortune 100 companies including IBM and Mastercard, where he most recently served as the Director of New Product Development. An educator at heart, he began his career as a math instructor and has contributed to multiple education initiatives.