Current Pipeline Initiatives

 Rosetta Integration update to current specifications
 Protocol Development (8.2x and bug fixes)
 DigiByte Cloud Infrastructure Stack
 Self Contained DigiByte Testnet CLI (testnet container running a full node, CLI interface for interacting with the node)
 JavaScript SDK
 Kotlin SDK
 Swift SDK
 VS Code Extension
 IntelliJ Plugin
 Developer Landing Site
 Developer Getting Started JavaScript Site
 Developer Getting Started JavaScript Sample Projects
 Developer Getting Started Kotlin Site
 Developer Getting Started Kotlin Sample Project
 Developer Getting Started Swift Site
 Developer Getting Started Swift Sample Projects
 Developer Resources Site
 Developer Projects Showcase
Education & Community 
 Develop educational materials and courses about DigiByte and blockchain fundamentals
 Organize meetups, conferences, and hackathons to foster community engagement
 Foster partnerships with academic institutions for blockchain-related research
 Seek grants to support initiatives; consider professional grant writers